OpenEdu is a platform that will soon be online, to support, disseminate and promote projects, training tools and news from the world of open education.

The platform contains selected projects and helps you in the orientation towards your choices and in finding inspiration for new teaching methodologies or professional updating.

You will discover the many Wikimedia projects (not only Wikipedia!) and dedicated training courses as well as many projects realized and conceived by partners from all over the world. And if you work for the realization of open education projects you will be able to highlight them through this new dedicated space by contacting us. Swiss and international partners are joining the openEdu project to provide you with a high-level selection of projects, training and events. You will find projects, training materials and news from all over the world, translated in 4 languages ​​(EN, FR, DE, IT).


  • Find initiatives of open education at national and international levels: projects, training opportunities, dedicated events and news
  • Discover the pedagogical and educational opportunities these projects have to offer
  • Discover all professional updating opportunities
  • Find out how to improve your European Key Competences thanks to these projects
  • Find out who is involved in the projects and internationally promotes open education learning systems (partners)

OpenEdu promotes inclusiveness and fairer education by proposing educational tools that are available for everyone and free of charge.

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Education Manager
Ilario Valdelli

Communication manager
Kerstin Sonnekalb